Saturday, December 12, 2009

17th birthday party ideas (insanely unique)

You guys who's still in high school, certainly celebrate your 17th birthday.
Some of you want to make it as a remarkable date right? You'll throw party and you want it to be the most unforgetable moment. Here are some unique (i think) birthday party concept that you may have , i took it from our lovely genius uncle : GOOGLE (for sure) and we'll discuss it one by one... :)

May be you're tired of pin the tail on the donkey and just singing happy birthday? Birthday parties can become monotonous; cake, presents, pin the tail on the donkey, year after year. Why not try something different this year? Choose a unique birthday party idea from the twenty ideas below and have an extra happy, happy birthday!

1-Have a Hawaiian Luau. Leis and grass skirts.

2-Have a masquerade party. Have all the kids dress up like a nursery rhyme character or their favorite super hero.

3-Clue anyone? Make it a mystery party. Send out invitations

inviting all detectives to the scene of the crime (they should wear their detective clothes and bring magnifying glasses. Announce at the beginning of the party things that have disappeared, then leave clues around, and watch the little detectives solve the mystery. You get the idea. Use your imagination.

4-A toga party.

5-A beach attire party. If its summer, outside is perfect, little wading pools or slip-n-slides, bathing suits, beach balls,umbrellas, sand and shovels, sun glasses make a great party favor (be sure to bring sun block). If it's winter, you can still have a beach party. Place beach towels on the floor, sun lamps, beach party music, hot dogs, and beach attire. Use your imagination!

6-Tea party. (isn't this too much western style? and we're eastern . Not really fit us actually)

7-Puppet show.

8-Skating party on the patio, perhaps put cones out. (don't forget safety gear!)

9-Slumber party. (all girls or all boys)

10-Dance party. Strobe light or ball, music, food and fun! Contest, prizes, fun songs like the hokey pokey.

11-Make over party. This one's just for girls, they take turns getting a make over from one or two moms. Hair, makeup, play dresses, then they have to model for the rest.

12-Water balloon party. Summer party, water fights.

13-CD party. This is probably for the 8 to 14 year old age group. Announce in the invitations: only CD's for presents. (LOL . I don't have any picture for this one people. i don't even have any ideas how it will goes)

14-Pastry party. Tons of snacks! Eclairs, jelly donuts, glazed, chocolate, cinnamon rolls, lemon filled, pies, and cakes! ( I WOULD REALLY LOVE TO JOIN THIS ONE !)

15-Dinner party.(for ages 10 to 16) A more sophisticated party. Dress up for dinner, napkins, silverware, fine china and crystal (red punch in wine glasses is always fun), salad, followed by a three to five course meal, served by a servant or butler, dressed the part, ending in a smashing dessert.

16-Bazarre party. Give out tickets, have games such as bean bag toss, pie toss(whipped or shaving cream on tin pie plates), watermelon or ice cream eating contest.

17-Ice cream party. Chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup, bananas, cherries, nuts, sprinkles, gummy bears, chocolate chips, cookies, many flavors of ice cream, hot fudge.

18-Tent party/camp out party. Ghost stories, flash lights, tons of snacks, sleeping bags, water jugs, maybe even a campfire, weiner or marshmellow roast

19-Special friend party. (ages 3 to 7 or 8) Indicate on the invitation each guest is to bring their special friend, a doll or stuffed animal perhaps. They can introduce their special friend.

20-Pet party. Self explanatory, just be sure to have it outside! And have plenty of dog food, water to go around and a couple of pooper scoopers


  1. We had a version of #14 - Pastry Party at our sons 7th birthday. All his friends were told to bring aprons. Whe the kids arrived we had them wash their hands and get ready to bake :) We'd arranged with three stations - one for baking cinnamon buns, one for making chocolate chip cookies and one station where they got to make their own slice of birthday cake all by temselves. In advance we'd prepraed the dough for the buns, whisked cream, cut chocolate into chips and so on and so forth. All ingredients where in bowls already waiting at the stations. I can tell you it was a HUGE success - and surprise for the kids parents when they came home from a birthday party with cinnamon buns and chocolate chip cookies that they'd proudly made themselves :) As an added benefit we got wheat flour all over the kitchen hiding all the other dropped ingredients on the floor ;)